The 3 possible me’s

The first and most probable me is commissioning as an Officer in the U.S Army. Achieving this life is easier then it sounds. In order to become an officer in the Army all I have to do is graduate from college and stay out of trouble. I have never had any doubts of my ability to graduate college and staying out of trouble is fairly easy. My life in this future would consist of living in some other country doing whatever it is the U.S Army says I’m going to do. Because I have already taken steps to achieve this future my five year plan is cut down to about 2.5 years. In the first year don’t fail any classes or get in any legal trouble. Second year don’t fail any classes or get in any legal trouble. Then I’ll graduate and commission. For confidence 10/10 I do not doubt that something will come up that’ll force me to pick another path. Resources 10/10 currently the Army is providing me with resources to continue my college career. Impact 8/10 I don’t know what this means so I’ll give it an 8/10. Satisfaction 10/10 I wake up every morning during the school year doing Rotc and I’m satisfied.

The second possible me is becoming a cop. How I would achieve this life is applying to multiple police academies. My life in this future would be working LAPD one of the most difficult areas to police because of poverty and crime. For the five year plan the first year is apply to the academy. Second year is undergo the training. Third year undergo the probation period and by year four I should become a cop. Getting into an academy takes up one to two years and can take longer. For confidence I’ll give it around 6/10 because I know that my first plan will work out so I won’t really need this one. For resources 7/8 I don’t know if I’ll be set to go that long without a job after college. Impact 10/10 I feel like if I’m in this position I can really impact the people I am serving. Satisfaction I’ll give it a 10/10 because I know I’ll love helping people.

Lastly the thing I would do if I was financially secure I would get involved in stocks real estate and try to increase my wealth. Achieving this life would be difficult because at the moment I’m not financially secured I don’t know how to become financially secured without my first two options. If I had this life I would live like a king. 1st year get rich. 2nd year purchase and sell property. 3rd year get into stock trading. 4th year be where I want to be. Confidence would be a 2/10 I don’t know how to magically get rich. Resources would be 10/10 I’d be rich wouldn’t need to worry about this. Impact 3/10 I would only impact a little bit of people. Satisfaction 10/10 how could I not be satisfied??

All in all my future is pretty secure. I have job security and not many obstacles