Dylan Chhin is a computer science major and extremely talented when it comes to fixing and working with computers. Personally I don’t know how Dylan does it I am on the opposite side of the spectrum when it comes to computers. Dylan also likes to play video games in his free time. I found this very interesting because I also love to play video games  in my free time. Dylan and I have played some of the same games so most of our classmate conversation was us talking about the video games we’ve both played.

Dylan’s favorite type of food is buffalo wings. He also enjoys buffalo wild wings which is pretty obvious because it has the name of his favorite food in it’s title. Dylan grew up in Long Beach and went to Milikan High school. I played against Milikan when I was in High school which was pretty cool we could have seen each other back then and never would of known. All in all Dylan was a pretty cool person.

Learn more about Dylan by keeping up with his blog post on wordpress https://dylanchhin.wordpress.comwp_20170208_13_05_43_pro