Step one: Ten 30 second sketches


This part was really easy I started out with the background and the water line of the pond. I also added in some bushes and rocks. I saved space for the deck so I left that area blank.

Step two: 5 minute sketch

FullSizeRender-1For this part I took five minutes on the deck resting half on the water and half on the ground. It took a little bit longer then five minutes because I’m not very skilled at drawing. This part was a little bit more difficult.

Step three: 5 minute contouring line


This part I attempted to draw the moving water which was really difficult. At one point I gave up and just started drawing lines. So I guess this part was pretty easy.

Step four: another 5 minute contour line.


For this contouring line I did the background of the Japanese garden. This part looked really difficult to draw so I just did lines going across. It gave a feel of the trees and bushes so I went with it.

Step five: Representation


I wanted to represent the koi fish so I attempted to draw them out. The first one I drew out looked funny so I adjusted my drawing technique and figured it out the second time. I was proud of my second koi because it actually looked like a koi fish.

Step six: Abstraction


I finished up this step by filling in all the left over white spaces. I just filled them in with different lines until there was no more. It made the sketch look complete. All in all this project was really fun.