Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvita

Media: Paint

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Laura Lopez is currently getting her MFA in Painting and Drawing. Interesting fact about Laura is she went to school in Germany and she is also from Colombia. This is her last exhibit before she receives her MFA. Her work is based off her love for the jungle. IMG_0958

Laura’s work instantly displays nature and which way you look at it you feel like you’re engulfed in a vidid colorful dream jungle. Her pieces display a beautiful mix of bright and bold colors. The colors are intense and different. The mix of color really makes these pieces go together.IMG_0960

The work she creates all comes back to the jungle. She is from Colombia a mostly jungle country. She bases her work after the jungle her creations are landscapes with abnormal colors stuff you would find in a dream.IMG_0961

All in all I really loved Laura’s work it was beautiful and nothing I’ve ever seen before. IMG_0962