I thought this activity would be really easy. Turn off your phone and stay off the laptop easy right? Nope I was wrong well kind of. At the begging it was kind of boring I just laid out in my trampoline. But after that I got to thinking and planing out my entire week. After I planned out my entire week I started think of what shows I’d watch. Then I started thinking about which part of the body I’ll work out during the week. After that I thought about each individual work out. The more I thought the sleepy I got until I ended up taking a nap.IMG_0952.JPGI had no sense of time if felt late at night I was cozy up in my sleeping bag thats when I realized this project was a lot easier then I expected. At first it seemed liberating then frustrating but in the end it really was liberating I slept listening to crickets and lizards running around. I usually get enough sleep but I don’t know what time I went to bed and woke up because I had a nap in the middle and on top of that I had no watch or anything. The next day I felt pretty good so I’m assuming I got the normal amount of sleep.

Going without electricity is really fun you get so much thinking done and if you’re stressing out about something its really the way to go. You can come up with so many solutions and go over what is really going on. I think it is a great way to include some organic nature in your life. It can really bring harmony to your life.

One draw back to living without electricity is being so oblivious to the outside world. You can’t know if North Korea invaded South Korea or if Russia shot down a US Fighter jet. You also wouldn’t be able to know if some new invention was created that could potentially make your way of life easier. I really can’t grasp what people do without constant stimulation. I don’t know what I would if I didn’t always have something to do. What I do know is people do live without electricity and create new ways to stimulate themselves. Humans are great at adapting and I’m sure I would be fine without electricity after a while.