Exhibition Information

Artist: Nicole Borgo

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino GalleryIMG_0920

About the Artist

Nicole Borgo is working towards her BFA in ceramics. Her art revolves around finding new was to capture and preserve old memories. Nicole said the mixture of clay and photos create an artistic approach that is very difficult to achieve. Once this mixture is obtained the end result creates a combination of fragility and strength that not every form of art can achieve.

IMG_0921Content analysis

Nicole’s art looks the same way as an old photograph. Her art is a mix of old polaroids and digital images. She created her art by looking at the old images drawing them then turning them into ceramic cubes and ceramic slabs. These pieces use vivid colors and detailed drawings that come together beautifully. The detail on the ceramic slabs are incredible it really is insane how detailed these pieces are. I took ceramics in high school and shape was incredibly difficult to make adding detail to it makes the piece so much harder. The difficulty of this piece of work makes you appreciate it more. IMG_0922


Nicole’s work brings back old memories. Her art makes you feel like you’re in a time machine that can only view your old memories. She stated that her art is created out of her past memories but it really makes you think back and reflect where you came from. I don’t necessarily think she did this on accident, I believe she meant for he work to do this. All in all her art is very easy to appreciate.IMG_0919