IMG_0881-1Graffiti Writing has to be one of my most favorite activity of the class so far. I never expected to have this much fun with an art project. Graffiti writing has always been taboo in my household so this project was a lot of fun. I could finally do what I like to do out in the open without being labeled as a delinquent. In my neighborhood taggers are considered bad and nobody really likes them because they destroy property with their gang affiliated writing. IMG_0886IMG_0888-1Nobody ever looks at this as a form of expressing creativity. It was not until Shepard Farey and Banksy branded graffiti as street art in the eyes of society. In my opinion they should be credited for making graffiti into street art. I also think they should be credited with making the whole painting on walls socially acceptable. All in All this project was a lot of fun and I am glad Glenn my Art professor acknowledges graffiti writing as a form of art.IMG_0883-1