Sahil is a really cool dude. He loves the NBA he can give you all crazy sorts of facts that you’ve never heard of before about basketball. Sahil is also a huge sneaker head. He can pick out fake yeezy’s from real ones in seconds (I tested him). Sahil also loves to hit the gym he said if you’re ever looking for me check the rec. We didn’t have much time to talk but from what I heard he’s a very respectable person. All in all, if you’re looking for a cool person to hang out with Sahil is the right person for you. You can lean more about Sahil by visiting his site https://sahilpatelweb.wordpress.comIMG_0803-1

Please excuse my silly face Sahil took this picture as I was eating a UFO. UFOs are a brand of ice cream sandwich. If you haven’t tried them I strongly suggest you do, they’re delicious.