Artist Information

Meme Show

Camina Correa

Watercolor on canvas

Werby Gallery

It was a cold cloudy day in a busy overcrowded city. These two kids went to pick up a Shiba Inu from this old man they found on craigslist. They met the odd old mad dressed in long robe looking clothing sitting on his porch with the shadow only over his face. They asked for the dog and he gave it to them he told them with an evil looking grin shinning through the shadow “Be careful children do not feed this puppy after 12pm” the kids took the puppy and left as fast as they could because of the old mans sketchy appearance. The children played with the dog all day and were so excited that they forgot to feed the pup. It was already past 12 they looked at each other cautiously and then busted out in laughter don’t feed the dog after 12 what is the worst that can happen they thought. They fed the puppy and went to bed. The next day there is a huge hole in the wall and they couldn’t figure out why. The boys turned on the tv as they were getting ready for school when they see breaking news. Giant “doge” wreaking havoc on city. The dog destroyed the city including the boy until it disappeared into the ocean never to be seen again.