Automatic drawing is where you pick up a crayon, pen, or pretty much anything that writes and you draw lines without picking up the object. Well that’s what my interpretation of automatic drawing. For this activity I completed it with my little sister because she loves this style of art. If you don’t believe me just walk around my house and look under desks or in the back of a closet you’re bound to stumble across some of her automatic drawing. When she was younger she had a habit of expressing her artist ability on any furniture/wall out of sight. It’s like walking in an ancient ruin. Any way she loved this project and would not stop asking if this is all I do in college. I just smirked and would say you’ll have a good time while thinking about all the times I wanted to rip my hair out due to last minute studying.

We sat down on my fathers desk and I pulled up a chair on the other side. We closed our eyes and began to draw she loved the fact that we were drawing without looking. She found it even more fascinating that neither of us were moving the oil pastel. This activity was fun and we couldn’t stop giggling while drawing. As soon as I started coloring she said “Thats not fair I want to color too” so I let her pick up an oil pastel but that wasn’t good enough. She angrily said “This is no fun you’re hogging up the entire page!” so we had to make another automatic drawing so she could color on her own. All in all this activity was really fun and we had a great bonding experience, college is time consuming so I don’t always have time to spend with her. This activity created some quality time that we don’t always get to experience.