Exhibition Information

Artist: Katia Swihart

Exhibition:Description Of A Struggle

Media: Mixed media, Oil, Plastic

Gallery: Max L. Gatov

About the Artist

Katia Swihart will graduate with a studio art degree this semester. Her focus is on drawing and painting. Swihart mentioned she always practiced and had a strong passion for art. Katia knew she loved art when she won an art award in the second grade. Katia Swihart’s other interest include poems, comic books, and sports all of which influence her art heavily.

Formal Analysis

Many of her visual pieces include bold and bright colors. She includes many different objects in her art like, a mattress, parking blocks, deep fry basket, and canvas. Her use of bright color created a vivid assortment of color. img_0736

Content Analysis

Her works are narratives of her early years working in the fast food industry, at a jewish daycare, and throughout college. In one of her pieces she combines her experience of working in a jewish daycare with the fast food industry. This piece brings an unexpected heavy sadness over you while looking at it. Her other pieces explain her struggle finding her sexuality as a child. In this piece she uses a torn up bed with comic strips in it binding a rape feeling to it. This bold feeling mixed with bright vivid colors combines beautifully.img_0733img_0734


Her artwork shows her anger and frustration identifying herself this pairs nicely. I have never seen art display such a heavy feeling while being that beautiful. I was in awe seeing all of her art. It allowed me to think back to angrier times of my life and sort of feel relief. All in all katia’s art gave me a sense of closure and I can not be more thankful.