Exhibition Information

Artist: Robert Nehemiah and Elmer Guevara

Exhibition: Immaterial

Media: Canvas, Cardboard, Chainlink fence with tarp, Tarp

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: Wookieewarrior


About the Artist

Robert and Elmer are both working toward their BFA degree. They are both interested in drawing and painting. The two artist grew up in Los Angeles and are transfer students. Robert attended Rio Hondo and was in the firefighter program before he quickly realized he had a passion for art. On the other hand Elmer attended ELAC and knew he always wanted to be an Art major. Their collaboration brings out Los Angeles in all of their pieces.


 Formal Analysis

The two artist used very different materials. One painted on cardboard, random pieces of wood, and tarp. The other used canvas. The Color of their art was dark and had a mysterious vibe to it. The dark colors made the art bold and powerful the portraits seemed as if they were staring into your soul. They used organic free formed shapes. The Form and Texture of the art looked as if they were real people.


Content Analysis

Their art is about Los Angeles. What the artist are trying to do is bring out the social issues that occur in everyday life around Los Angeles. Whether it be homelessness or immigration issues. Their art focuses on gaining the attention of the viewer to show them what is really going on. Robert paints on items that some would consider trash which can also be linked to the issue of global warming due to littering.



I walked into the Max L. Gatov gallery and instantly knew I wanted to do my artist conversation on these artist. I love street art because I used to draw street art and these two perfectly mix LA street art with Studio art. I used to write small words and phrases on mail post stickers to create my own stickers. This gallery reminded me of all the pleasant memories I had of drawing and my young adolescent years. I am also a Sociology major and I like how these two are bringing out social issues in a way that is easier to understand.