I’m sending my art care package to my artist uncle who lives in Downey, CA.

Sending someone an art care package is similar to sending someone a snapchat because of the thought that goes into it. I send snaps because it is fun to receive a message from someone the same way sending an art package is.

The difference is an art package is a little more intimate because not everyone sends mail anymore. Receiving a letter is more personally because you’re going out of your way to send this message. Also personalizing the art care package to them is more personal then a snapchat can ever be.

Ephemera is precious anything gains value over time. If it is not literal value it can be sentimental value. Sentimental value can grow on anything because of the memories it brings. Pleasant or non pleasant it reminds you of an old time a time that molded you into a the person you are today.

There is an extreme difference between art seen by many and art seen by few. It is not necessarily a bad difference but more of a pleasant one. For example, the art in my care package was created with my uncle in mind. I made this art with the aspects that he has told me he liked. While are in museums are more aesthetically pleasing to the senses. Some consider my art tagging and how it makes places ugly and just has a negative connotation to it while my uncle loves my art and can really sit down and just enjoy every aspect that I put into my work.