Exhibition Information

Artist: Mimi Haddon

Exhibition: untitled

Media: Cotton Fabric, Cotton thread

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatove Gallery West

Website: Mimihaddonart.com

Instagram: @mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon is a Photographer and Fiber artist at CSULB. She is currently in the Fiber Arts program working to get her MFA degree. Mimi has an undergraduate degree in Graphic design. Haddon came back to school after her undergraduate degree to pursue her love of costume design. She was very excited to talk about how different colors, shapes, and textures can make a power visual statement.

Formal Analysis

In all of Haddon’s pieces she uses cotton from old T-shirts. Her work is all about color and texture. She has a different cadence for each of her art displays. Some of her artwork is sinuous while other pieces are on the opposite sides of the spectrum and are undulating. The different nature of her art is pieced together by vibrant colors making a powerful and bold piece of art.img_8269

Content Analysis

Mimi Haddon stated that the art in this gallery is a representation of fast fashion in today’s world. Mimi also stated she started this project a year and a half ago when she became interested in the way indigenous cultures utilized native materials through braiding, weaving, and knotting. She became inspired by this and El Anastul a Ghanaian sculptor who uses old discarded bottle caps to create “Fabric” sculptures. In a similar fashion Mimi uses discarded T-shirts in her art work.


Haddon uses discarded T-shirts to open the eyes of the public showing how often T-shirts are thrown away after not being used and how wasteful we all are with clothing. She mentioned she works with less of a plan and more of a feeling this really shows in her art. I felt a free flowing vibe while looking at her artwork. This pretty vibe occurs in nature and I get this feeling when i’m at the beach. Haddon’s beautiful use of color and texture reminded me of the beach so much that I could close my eyes and picture in my head what all the art displays had in common with the beach.  The imperfect structures reminded me of the waves while the different texture reminded me of wet sand compared to dry sand. The different cadence in her art reminds me of the different cadence the sand portrays. The color of her art reminded me of the sunsetting at the beach and how sunsets can produce beautiful strong vibrant colors. I really enjoyed the message Haddon is sending by using discarded shirts. Furthermore I enjoyed the sheer beauty of how Haddon is displaying this message through the use of powerful color and texture of her art.img_8272